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Patrick Willis
Principal Broker, Auctioneer
Farm & Home Realty and Auction, Inc.
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Testimonials Page

Dear Mr. Willis, On behalf of Mrs. Jewell Mudd, and her family members, I would like to sincerely thank you and the whole Farm and Home Realty and Auction Team for the successful auction of Mrs. Mudd’s personal property and real estate on May 3rd, 2014. Your Team’s focused commitment, resourcefulness, and complete professionalism resulted in a very successful sale that will provide additional resources for Mrs. Mudd’s continued care for several years into the future. During the auction process, the F&H Team provided excellent advice, counsel, and consistently delivered exceptional service in our preparation for this complex sale of the real estate, home, and personal property. With four generations of the Mudd family having lived in the home, the task of preparation and sorting the belongings for sale were especially challenging. Your team members “pitched in” to close a large gap in our preparation process and thereby ensured all the property was ready for presentation and auction to the buyers. From our first business interchange, the F&H Team consistently built our confidence in your ability to manage this process and to complete a successful auction on behalf of our family. Please pass along our deepest gratitude and appreciation to John Glenn, Aaron Haycraft, Todd Akridge, James Johnson, Pamela Willis and all the other Professionals at F&H who directly contributed to this successful auction outcome. Kathlyn Mudd Thomas, May 10th, 2014
I want to give a big THANK YOU for being so professional and for selling our cabin at ironwood that was on the market for over two years and for selling our lake front lot. We had both listed with people out of Louisville and had no luck until we signed up with FHRA. No need to go out of the county we have one of the best right here. Michelle Stevenson, Bee Springs KY
I want to give a big THANKS to Farm & Home Realty and Auction Hardinsburg along with Todd Akridge and Jeff Tate and their team for all of the work they did on the auction of my Dad's Estate (Bill Taul) on Saturday, January 30. They went above and beyond and did a wonderful job!! I would definitely recommend them if you are in need of this type of service!! They were simply the best!!!! Patricia Taul, Hardinsburg KY
We recently found ourselves in the position of having to sell a lake house in Cub Run, Ky. Being from out of state, we were unfamiliar with the real estate market in that region of the country. I saw Patrick's For Sale Sign at the entry of the neighborhood and researched him on the web. He had a very professional and informative website so we decided to use him as our Realtor. He was extremely knowledgeable about the local property market. He walked us through the entire process and got the house sold quickly. He was able to be my go to person for any resources I needed in the area which was extremely helpful with me being out of state. I would highly recommend Patrick. Angie Habel, Mckinney TX
We just switched realtors and went with Pat. He is very professional, has lots of knowledge on the area, and extremely friendly. He has been very helpful in helping us to find a house. We are in the process of buying a home from Pat right now. If you find a house you like Pat doesn't waste any time at all. I would recommend him to anyone he is extremely likable. Rebecca Cottrell Client, Buyer
I had to leave the area quickly for a new job opening a thousand miles away and never really did get to get my house "ready" for the market but Pat listed it and had it sold at a satisfactory price within a month and a half keeping in touch with what was going on the whole time. No complaints and very happy with his service. Scott Nobles, Naples FL
Dear Patrick, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with others. "Excellent service and reliable and honest. Truly a fine person to work with. Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity John Rich, Carlsbad California
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Why FH Auctions

Auctions by Farm & Home Realty and Auction, Inc.

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Horse Farms, Land, Mini Farms and Farm Equipmentequine, cattle ranch, agriculture

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a farm or farm equipment, an auction is the prefect choice to facilitate your need. Large tracts of land or collections of heavy farming equipment can take a long time to sell utilizing conventional sale methods.
An auction can take place on-site eliminating the hassle of moving the equipment and the hazards associated with that move. It also brings buyers directly to the property allowing the buyers to view equipment and buy from the owner with the Auctioneer facilitating the transfer. Our auctioneers are experts and organizing, marketing and closing the deal for all parties involved. To speak to an auctioneer about buying or selling a farm or equipment call our office at (270) 259-3276 or click here for specific auctioneer information.

Residential Home Auctionshomes at auction online

Buying or Selling residential homes at auction is a great choice to facilitate a purchase in a timely manner.
For the seller it brings several buyers together in a competitive manner to battle for a chance to purchase your home.
For the buyer it can be an opportunity for a rapid purchase if sold by private owner. If the property is a REO or Bank Owned property you can often get the property at a fraction of the market value of that home. Selling or Buying at auction requires knowledge, experience and our Auction Team has the needed know how to assist you with your transaction.

Commercial Property Auctionscommercial real estate at auction

Commercial Property auctions may be one of the single best methods of liquidating both real and personal/business property. Often when a business is in need of change or going out of business, the bank or the current owner is in need of a quick liquidation of the assets. An auction can facilitate this liquidation need in a timely manner and since auctions are sold "as is, where is" there is most likely little to no liability as to the condition of the property placed on the seller.
From the Buyer's perspective, there is often big bargains to be had at a fraction of current market value.

All parties achieve their needs and go home with the best possible outcome.

Lake Area or Waterfront Property Auctions

Lakefront and Waterfront property auctionsWaterfront or Lake Area homes and properties are unique types of seasonal property and timing is everything when conducting these types of auctions. Consulting a seasoned professional can often result in a much better deal for both the Seller and Buyer.
Selling these properties requires extensive knowledge of the area, the restrictions and government flowage easements in many cases. Without this knowledge you may get blind sided when it comes time to answer questions from potential buyers.
Buying property on or near the lake can be equally challenging due to many of the same issues. In most cases, each subdivision has it's own special rules as well as city and county zoning issues you will need to tackle.
Farm & Home Agent will be familiar with the rules or at least have access to the knowledge needed to complete the necessary research saving you countless hours and money. Click on our list of Agents and Auctioneers to put a professional working on your behalf.

Industrial and Heavy Equipment Auctionsbig iron, heavy equipment, industrial machinery auctions

Industrial and Heavy Equipment Auctions can be a challenge to all parties involved. These often large and heavy pieces require care in transporting and intense inspection when offering for sale. Although sold as is, where is buyers need the opportunity to inspect and feel comfortable with the purchase. We suggest the seller complete an equipment checklist that can be made available to assist prospective buyers in making good decisions on their purchases. These equipment check lists states known defects and current condition and helps eliminate liability issues that may arise. Often these types of auctions are either done on-site or are collected in a consignment type manner and scheduled for a later date.

Antiques & Collectiblesantiques and collictible aucitons

Selling and Buying antiques and collectibles is both fun and profitable. This is an area where online marketing and online auctions shine. As a seller, offering up items to the world stage can increase the bid size dramatically. Keep in mind however, we need additional time to prepare and market when offering these items online. The items must be inspected, photographed and cataloged before they can be offered online. You also must arrange for local pickup of these items or box and ship these items to the buyer.
Buying antiques and collectibles can be loads of fun and very profitable if you are a smart buyer and don't get caught up in the competition of online bidding. The fast pace can lead to over paying. Be sure to do your research to know the current value and condition for the item you are bidding on. The FH Team members are versed in many of these types of items and can offer assistance upon request.

Livestock Auctionscattle auction, horse auction, livestock auction.

Offering Livestock at auction is the best way to insure you have the competition among buyers to get the highest possible price for your animals. Having an on-site auction for your livestock can save you the hassle of transporting your herd to the market. This eliminates stress on your animals and the cost of transporting the animals. It also focuses the attention on your entire herd rather than having to compete with countless competing animals at the traditional market. That can translate to a much higher sale price.
Buying livestock via the on-site animal auction allows the buyer a rare opportunity to inspect the animals in a much more natural setting without the stress of transport on the animals. A better end product for the buyer and a fair price to the seller leaves all parties satisfied.

Classic Car & Auto Auctionsclassic auto auctions

Buying and Selling Classic Autos or Automobiles at auction is a fun and competitive. Competition for your item is the best way to achieve the highest possible purchase price. We offer on-site and online options for offering your beautiful autos to the public. Our auction team is well versed in the practices of offering these types of items to the public and our expertise will increase your profitability.
Buying vehicles at auction can be fun and is one of the best ways to locate these hard to find items. Our online or onsite auto auctions will include our vehicle checklist to place all available information about each item in your hands making your decision an easier one to make.

Estate AuctionsEstate Auctions, auctioneer

Estate Auctions can be one of the most delicate types of auctions for all parties involved. Our staff is experienced in dealing with both the grief and stress involved with liquidating estate assets. There are many legal and emotional hurdles that must be overcome during the sometimes lengthy process, and the FH Team is ready to guide you through this process. You will benefit from our experience that includes initial valuation of the estate, staging and itemizing the items, preparation and layout of the sale and final closure of both the estate itself and the emotional roller coaster that is sometimes associated with this highly emotional type of sale. We have lost loved ones and understand it is not just about getting the most of each item. We really do understand and have only your best interests in mind, we can help.

Hunting and Recreational Property Auctionshunting land at auction, recreational property for sale, whitetail properteis

Buying and Selling hunting or recreational property at auction is fun and exciting. Whether utilizing an on-site auction or online, we have the expertise in these types of properties to guide you through the decision making process from start to finish. We are hunters, fishermen and sports men and women and that love of the outdoors will be apparent when you witness our approach to marketing these properties. Our staff members includes former hunting guides who worked in the wild game call industry and even hosted outdoor television shows. We know quality recreational properties and our experience will make the buying and selling process a unique and fun experience.

For a confidential not cost meeting to discuss your auction needs, call our office at (270) 259-3276 or click here for specific auctioneer information.