Edward Palooza

FHRA members Patrick Willis, Jamie Johnson and Josh Willis along with band members Jeff Rasco and Johnny Hayes took time out of their busy schedules to perform with their band "MIllerstown" Sunday September 24, 2017.  The event "Edward Palooza" is detailed in the event coordinator's Jill Blankenship's words below.

"We have a couple working for us who have a special needs son with autism. He is the kindest and sweetest boy you will ever meet. He turned 21 years old as of yesterday (September 6th). So in honor of him and in honor of autism support, we decided to throw him a concert because concerts are his favorite things to do. So our flyer is called Edward Palooza in honor of Edward Jo Logsdon's birthday. However, we will have volunteers selling T-shirts, multiple concessions, face painting and have already been given dozens of donations in honor of Autism research.

Edwards personal favorite song is Purple Rain so our shirts and entire event will be decked out in the color purple. Bands have already volunteered to perform and the date is set for September 24th from 4-6 pm CDT. "

We plan on ending the day with Edward on stage as he gets to be sung "Happy Birthday" to and blows out his candles and then birthday cake will be shared with anyone who would like some.

Millerstown and FHRA members fell so very blessed to have been able to participate in the event and at last count the event raised over $2,400 for autism awareness.  

Happy Birthday Edward.